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SLC Adobe Summit 2014, analytics review.

29th March

The Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City is just over, although I wasn’t there the wonderful magic of internet & video allow me to pick up on what I missed and share with you the analytics pieces ! You can find all the 23 sessions of Adobe Summit recorded here as well. I had to [...]

Terrible metrics, How NOT to bang your head against walls !

27th March

Sometimes your are confronted to situations where you look at your pretty dashboard of the week and everything stops, it’s not so pretty anymore, red doesn’t suit you… WHY so much decrease and red ! What’s wrong with my website, why is this “metric-that-I-will-not-mention” so damned high… Literally, you want to go back to sleep [...]

Develop your analytics skills ! 2014 and beyond challenges…

24th January

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all the best for 2014, may all your dreams come true ! Days were slipping before the end of this month and the end of the new year wishing window although where I live today I do have an extension as Chinese New Year is coming pretty soon [...]

Adobe Analytics 1.3, what’s new ?! Classification enhancement !

3rd December

Reading Notes: Please bear in mind that this blog post is for intermediate users of SiteCatalyst. Wooooh a lot ! Mid July Adobe Analytics 1.3 went live and some expected stuff were launched at this time: a new UI, new segmentation capabilities in Discover, Discover changes name by the way – it’s now “Adhoc Analytics” [...]

How to wordpress : create your multisite network

8th September

let s go through the different steps to instal a multisite on a fresh wordpress platform.

How to wordpress : easy switch from xampp to server ?

3rd September

Work on a live environment is not necessary the best way to start when you want to build, or duplicate a website or a blog. For those who want to go smoothly here is an how to configure the “wp-config.php” file and the “host” file for local and remote environment to make it easier to [...]

Why is data scientist the next sexiest job ?

13th August

You may have heard this statement over & over. “Data Scientist : the sexiest job in 21st century” Honestly, to most people this doesn’t make any sense ; but when you start thinking about it and put your marketer/analyst/geek hat it’s starting to make sense. Quite recently, one of my client told me “I can’t [...]

Looking for Website Conversion Optimization guidance ? A must-read book to help you out!

9th July

Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing & Tuning for Conversions. 2nd Edition. by Tim Ash, Maura Ginty and Rich Page. Though I haven’t finish the book yet, I’ll nevertheless share a glimpse if what I read so far. Out of five part, I just finish the 2nd and there is already a lot [...]

Data Analytics challenges in the real world

Happy Friday ! A short insightful video from McKinsey about are the challenges for businesses with data analytics and what to make of it ? Big data challenges: volume, velocity & variety and also determining which data to use: defining your measurement strategy, broaden your methodology to include external data such as competitive data, markets [...]

Analysis Exchange, a great initiative for Analytics passionate and non-profit in need!

23rd April

If you are passionate by Web Analytics and willing to give some of your time for a good reason, please continue reading and hopefully I’ll convince you to sign up as well ! I took the great and challenging opportunity to sign-up as a Mentor for the Analysis Exchange and participated to one project so [...]